They shattered two vases with patterns and shapes,

One unlike the other. They had tried to protect the vases

From the places where they carried them themselves.

When they returned, they brought thunder with them.

And as they both stared at the dysmorphic mosaic multitudes beneath

Them, around them, they sobbed, because now they mirrored them perfectly.


They mourned themselves, wailed for their fates, kneeling

And bowing their heads, waiting for an outside action.

They turned their gaze towards each other and listened without

Uttering a word. They grabbed the paste and pieces from the cacophony

Of shards and remains, and without looking they recreated two forms,

It was their hearts that led them, or something in the air,

And the finished two vases, reconstructed, unrecognisable, leaked water.


“The Gossip” by Leo Gestel (1881-1941)

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