Ignoring the Fine Print

I remember the expression on your face.

The lines of detachment, the conquered longing.

You erased everything and deracinated yourself.

If we embraced each other, we’d disintegrate in

A hollow gesture. And maybe we have never been

More than hot air. The further away I walked from you

The greater my freedom became.


She’d attack me in the middle of the street,

She’d always have your back -how could she not-

And huffed that I simply didn’t understand.

Yes, there was one thing I had no knowledge of,

But the things you never dared to comprehend outweighed

Everything. He took you under his wing and it was full of thorns.

I was certain of one thing, that if I’d see love I’d recognise it.


The green dress” by Valentine Cameron Prinsep (1838-1904)

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