Nachkriegsmensch | poetry

you brought your torn body home

the intact walls and interiors

camouflaged the body worn out by war

a corpse misplaced, a corpse that built a home

a young man found death everywhere he looked

he had no greeting for life

his body abandoned everything that reminded him of his pulse

a heart resigned, going through the motions

child, come here, let me put a little death in you

I trusted a man whose soul had been killed

a man who held a blanket

not to warm me but to hide his actions

a blanket that would never become a second skin

a blanket offering too much unseen space

this man never left the battlefield and wanted peace

looked for it in my body, signs of life

that he could reclaim, that wouldn’t fight

back, because I was sure it was love

I felt loved, in the wrong places

something hurts underneath this blanket

you’ve pulled me into your battlefield

and interrupted my language

this isn’t love, this is debris

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2023 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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