Verausgabung | a poem

it’s the nice face

with the bad hands

that calls me home

calls me to bed


nice velvet words at night

saviour on the edge

your voice sounds good to a child

but your hands

your body

you’re taking care of me

how can this be a bad thing


how can you be bad if you’re so good

to me


how can dragging us into your bed

rid me of all memories

but my body knows

my body shows

my body remembers

and you hurt


and I still think that everything

is perfect

the childhood that you discarded for me



I’m on fire



make space for me

made space for you

open wide

let me in

be kind

be gentle

just like that


you think that words disappear

that my body swallows everything

you hope that I’ll disappear

make you disappear

this, underneath the blanket

the past that reoccurs and never gets enough

one more time, one more smile

one more night

come to me

I’ll hold you tight

you transformed my body then and there

and I trust you to be the best

the counterpart to my father’s overt violence

but that was your way in, wasn’t it

play the part of the exact opposite

and fool a child

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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