Blick auf die Welt | a poem

you’re unsafe at night

I’m a child at night

don’t you make a woman out of me

because I’m not

not like this

not like you make women out of children

and I meet my own ghost in the corner

of your room


there’s a woman

deceased on two legs

who feels relieved

when I’m in your room

when we’re in your room

because she is left alone

but she knows what happens at night

what happens under our roof

and she can’t fall asleep

without knowing

that we made it out alive

survived another night

just like her

there you go

and now I can take care of you

during the day

see you’re fine


I believe the lies I’m told

I live in the silent collateral world of adults


there’s a woman who knows

knows what happens

and is released

as long as it’s not her


where am I supposed to go


he’s making me sick

he’s making me die

inside of my own skin

because he is all over me

his breath is in my hair

he makes me a part of himself

and I hold on to the child that I never was

that I had to be

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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