marquée | transgenerational poetry

you removed yourself

grey entered her blue eyes

the angles of her lips, downwards

embracing the sickle chin

your death shows up in her face tormented

within me you move around

your broken feet in my stomach still

upwards, to the heart, rocking chair

through the throat, over the tongue

ecstatic mouth, the absent body

verbalised, physicalised


she wanted someone to enter her

for the first time

the day before her mother’s birthday

in public, on the floor, in hiding

the day of her grandmother’s death years later

she had picked her up at night

in winter, after she had walked past the cemetery

after he had entered and entered her

after she had taken him in

after she had woken up what had already been stirring

she stepped into the car

her altered face wide awake

in the reflection and body of dark trees

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: @croque_melpomene

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