enchantés | a poem

the big picture is the boy

who ran through sprinklers in summer

who put make-up on and moved as a new person

who was a part of the world

whose childhood was a part of mine

and the twenty-four-year-old man

who said that he’d never become dependent on anybody

that he’d never grow old and allow sickness into his body

that he’d take life into his own hands

death into his own hands

end it once he’d reach his last page


you put my wigs on

used my make-up

stuffed my bra that you put on you

and the world became a less horrifying place

you posed and walked around in high heels

as we did when we were children

becoming other people

chasing liberation in a different form

escaping home, escaping suffocation

you were the one who saved every single snapshot

of our family, photographs we’d never seen, never thought existed

truth capturer, you cared

there were things you wanted to remember

there is a way you want to be remembered

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: @croque_melpomene

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