Erdgeist | a poem

I sought comfort in putrid caves where girls had shed their skins

cathedral head, coffin break, manure, transcended cityscapes

sealed my naked mouth with wax surreal, requiēscant

hairpin spun round, harvest bones, amplified, amour fou

slouched into manholes, sacrosanct, amuse me now

gargoyle cog, crust skull, musedom falls, allumette

I’m not going back to those cobblestones, aluminium foil

ink stain, Cassandra’s purple lids preposterous, moribund

hid in toilet stalls, pretended that I wasn’t there at all

eyelash audacious, foiled conceit, curtain call, flirtatious

shielded his body with hers, blood orange, probed

Medusa’s bruises fragmented, skeleton poked, laurels sprained

she comes to terms with the hole in the ground, pigmented, take me home

confessional knees, branches of Ophelia, bone-deep, mutterseelenallein

the monastery never left the building, shadow on my shoulder blades

sinister, elbow manifesto, Electra’s jaw, catalyst jar staccato

pulled her hair into the underground, rampant, voyeuristic

oracle breeze, nightgown dust, mirror solvent, io me ne vado

she’d never be the same, figment, rid her of her name, splitterfasernackt

dirt-ridden Antigone, clutter crawl, nest of ropes, pillow grimace

hold me tight tonight, I learned how to breathe in a cloud of smoke

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings


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