girl/remains | doll/baptism | a poem all alone

you squeezed the air out of my memories

collected them with sharp fingernails

erected a ruined tower in a crisp crypt of wood

and lit the match that set my body on fire from afar


you unbutton the braid

daughter in men’s clothes

you disentangle body and language

and writings leak out of my pores

smelling of your ghosts


I stared at the house of death

my skins decaying in a bathtub

tears unrecovered in mummified water

left me here to degenerate

left me in your absent arms

your pointing fingers

clots of hair stuck in my throat


the colours of my father

boiled into the ends of my hair

I suffocate my hair in an upward gesture

I can never forget where my face came from

my body doesn’t speak its inner language

there are ghosts in my posture


my face stopped to matter

family men orphaned my body

women taught me to accentuate my decapitation

close-ups in hidden drawers

come out to play

a girl blown out of proportion

their faces in my parts


take it as a compliment

my face witnesses what they are taking away

my face witnesses what is deformed to fit a fantasy

the heart wails let me come back

their open mouths are everywhere

hands on my parts

the only ones

that matter to commit their sins

and my jaw picks up my remains

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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