they’ll put their hands around your neck and call it an embrace | a poem against vampires

stay down, little girl

be quiet, little girl

swallow, hard, my girl

they will take your tears

and make them theirs

they will deracinate your hair from your scalp

and use it as a noose around your neck, girl

your own body, girl

and they will holler and screech

that their doing is your doing

that you brought this upon yourself

because you opened your mouth

you let your gold fall out

and they’d suck on it, take it, extract it

you handed your virtues to the wolves

they hover and salivate around your burned silhouette

they wait for the stench

they wait for the collapse

the disintegration, the decomposition

and they absorb it, the spectacle, they feast with their eyes

it can’t be slow enough

they feel their power

they can’t get enough

of you, on the ground, still life

they don’t want you to move

they act upon you

the centre of attention

they tell your body that it is useless

that it cannot be used against them

that it cannot stop them

that it is weak and drained of power

they shove false beliefs down your throat

fear in your body, you want to survive

you don’t move, stand still, take in all the pain

and they distribute and smile, virtues on white fucking walls

and you smell the bleached rot underneath it all

the spewing cracks, the truth bursting in their faces

and people believe what they see, not what they hear

they take the fairy tale over the truth any day

and now, girl, open your mouth to expel the ghosts

that polluted and incapacitated your body

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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