smokegrimace | curtaincoffin | an unsaddled poem

what you loved about her the most is

that she would let you

she would let you do anything

you’d take her body

and you could do what you wanted

she was born as meat on a platter

preparing women, carving men, chewing men

and you thought it doesn’t get better than this

a woman without resistance

a girl who was taught to say yes only

a body to be filled, to be taken, to be exhausted

exploiting whole buffets

servitude masticate eyelashes toothache lying down

girl inside lullaby hunger set aside chopping sinkhair

tolerate screenlife fingertips lecherous theatrical applause

nightmare red number bang bang tick tock I’ll get you there

smokescreen motherface cheeks banisterchild umbrella ice cream

remains urnwhisper casualties alphabet charcoal fingernails

cigarette buds eardrums puppeteer misanthrope puddlewords

car rides tree trunk garbage hiding places vacant gaze slipperterror

what he looked for in women

he would find in girls as well

Photo by Asaph Guedes on

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