wet-on-wet | a poem alla prima

my grandmother digs into her nail bed

she scratches as she smiles

nerves on the verge

mind on the edge

I didn’t see a thing

and I’ve seen her whole

the shards sticking in her flesh

the tired strong bones

eggs cracked, shells pillows, dust furniture

polluted wood carving into hair ears alongside

voices mildew shower curtain window frame out of here

socks legs children’s sounds and kitchen knives

hiding places sticking out, lampshade fire exhaustion brotherlove

tent grass cherry tree climbing upwards outwards house so small

curtain call silence tiptoes mouth softness whispers come here

napping antagonising couch meat cigarettes skin ashtray open wide

music poetry too complex words not understood record player scratching

cats burning bonfire garden disillusioned bona fide abandoned higher off the balcony chokehold

ways in ways around darkness in the middle of it all wallpaper throatcut

eyelashes blackened skin moisturised drunk too drunk to show up balustrade

can’t see me can’t smell me cars around bathroom lights fights sex put me to sleep

bring me to bed cracking bones hair smoke fading face lipstick stains underwear song

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

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