troublemaker | long overdue | a poem against vampires

you think that I’m a troublemaker

I made it uncomfortable

I should have just taken it

bowed down

bent over

for your amusement

for your profit

squeezed me tight

you think that I’m a troublemaker

because I called you out

you were taught that your wrongdoings don’t have consequences

everybody enabled you

swallowing your bad actions like butter

like lies stuck on vocal cords

I was swollen

I won’t take you in anymore

you look at me as if you had never heard your actions vocalised

verbalised, the consequences embodied, right in front of you

and you wash your hands clean, your mouth clean

responsibility is a word unknown, untaught

you call me a troublemaker for all the harm you caused

I’ll make you stew in your discomfort that’s long overdue

Photo by Alexandra Patrusheva on

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