cooking bodies boiling | an ancestral poem

I am my grandmother’s clenched jaw

I am my mother’s pinch in my back

I am my father’s broken mind

I am my grandfather’s confidante

I had bruises before I had a body

I had scars before someone touched me

salt on butter skin melting blade hairs bitterness in my mouth

basement yellow liquid clothes bathroom green tiles mute

couch legs spread underwear aside legs white veins tight

whispers male shadows doorknob playing around blanket frozen

mirror grimaces hold on squeeze shoulders flesh composurechild

she is made out of meat and secrets

he is an unbuckled composition

she is a woman with a dead child inside of her

she buried it there

within her

that’s where he killed her

her body a crime scene that he revisits

he escapes into her

and sheds all his demons

abandons her

and her gums smell of his recoiling remains

kisses her goodbye

I have my father’s profile

I have my mother’s silhouette

I have my grandmother’s habits

I have my grandfather’s unrest

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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