pillow/closets | party/trick | dress/rehearsal | a poem

every single letter of my name

burned across your teeth

ashes in your throat

girlhood velocitized


she ushered herself to the ground floor

of his building

beneath the staircase

amongst the lack of light

the absence of lies

and opened herself up

she ended what someone else had started

a long time ago


I abnormalise the things you muttered onto my skin


the words you used against me

travelled far across my bones


you taught me that I shouldn’t seek

verbs for your actions

l o v e you called it

one verb for everything

found and picked

that one I was allowed to use

and you abused


and now she looked at this manboy her age

adonising them all to a threatening degree

efflowered herself, made herself raw and vulgar

fed them all before she knew who she was

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

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