bridgewalk | griefchest | turmoilchasm | a poem

your death cracked

e v e r y t h i n g

wide open


I walked and walked

in your shoes

until you stopped

and were no more


but I


was still breathing

and aching

somewhere between

your life

and death


my own life


felt so small

and at the same time

too big

to endure


I carry the weight of your death

and my knees crack

I keep my heart in my chest

looking at my feet

I stand aligned

I get up

and stand straight

and we circulate through one another


don’t overthink it

you said

don’t philosophise

you advised

I stare into a hole

and it is anything but empty


not only is your death a reality

but part of my imagination as well


v i v i d


the smile on your face





d i s a p p e a r e d

“Runddans i Græsted: Landskab med dansende børn” by Julius Paulsen (1860–1940)

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