Judgemental | Thoughts

Human beings

Do nothing better

Than judge each other to death.


How dare you judge me still?

My inner executioners

Paraded my head around the crowds

Before you even knew how betrayed you felt.


You judged me

According to a detail

And turned a blind eye to the big picture

Because it fitted the frame you put me in.


Let me be my own judge.

I’m in competent hands.


It’s extraordinary that people with

The most judgemental tongues

Are also the ones who have no idea who they are

And what they themselves have done.


And as you reveal your judgements to me

You reveal the way you speak to yourself

When nobody’s listening.


At some point, in order to survive and then live,

Self-judgement needs to metamorphose into self-forgiveness.

“Portrait of a Girl” by Thérèse Schwartze (1851-1918)

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