Something’s Wrong | A Poem

You led multiple lives when you created me.

Scarred me before I had skin and bone.

There will be no more teachers at my mother’s door.

I write what I want, they can’t take it, he pretends,

Holding on to his fake laurels, his distorted memory,

I reject your sickness, the world enrages me.

I ignited revolutions as a child until they told me one

Too many times to kneel and crouch and bite my tongue.

Daddy likes women on their knees.

He calls them names, but he wants them, wants them,

Restaurants, basements, Daddy lives in many different worlds.

A man of culture, of eloquence and grand gestures he fools them all

And rises higher and higher and yet runs around in circles,

In repetitions, women beg him with their mouths open

Because they believe him, but he devours them,

Sucks them dry, feeds his little boy soul as if in search of his mother’s nipple,

This grown man who throws children out of windows,

This grotesque father figure theatrical absorbs women’s lives

To kill his soul and erect his ego.

Photo by Jansel Ferma on

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