The Apple Came With Maggots All Along | A Poem

You thought of me

As your possession.

A body to cure yours.

A soul to stand by you

No matter what,

No matter how hard you hit

No matter how infuriating you were

No matter how much you neglected me,

I had to persist

Be there

On all fours,

Yes, it’s a repetitive scheme,

The monologues I listened to

And drowned in,

You loved it,

My participation in your theatrics,

My crumbling beneath you.

And you pushed that foot on the pedal

And I thought, I will die,

He is going to kill his own daughter,

I thought about opening that door,

A car racing like his pulse,

I thought I’d be safer jumping out,

Landing in some hedge,

Walking, running home,

And he’d find me again,

Your speeches were never over,

He, you, he, you,

Everything became you,

That’s what you wanted, right?

Survive at all cost.

And I started exiling myself, condemning places,

Condemning people, exorcising

The fabrics of your life in mine,

For a while that worked,

But how does reconciliation work

With your eyes wide open?

With all the parts that you thought I burned?

Can I erect skyscrapers from scratch out of ashes?

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