In Rejection Of Your Saints | A Poem | Tell Them Yourself

Muscle mass, swampland, crucifix, chokehold, eyes pop,

Love burns, fingernails, butter, smokescreen,

Wives in silence, head of the table, substitute, compost,

Swallowed voices, candlelight, rings on wood,

Aging wine, my lips, childhood, sing along,

Spell my name, screaming into blankets,

Churning, exposed, stomach, touch, touched,

Everlasting, mattress-faced, illusions of my face,

Amongst you, your body mass, hair, foreign, on my skin,

Old child, girl come to me, on me, closer, here, fed,

Open up, I teach you words, and I die and I die,

Longing, sandbox, thornbath, listen, never, yellow,

Stains, burning, spine, crawling along, withdrawal,

What is wrong with her, so shy, tickling, ticking,

Exasperating, do what I want, what I need,

Provide, feed me, feel my heartbeat, watching me grow up,

Up, up, up, jump on me, arrest the moment, my body,

Everything is always about sex, slapped into my face,

You taught me, on repeat, on repeat, sing along,

Stretch and touch and kneel, comfort is a trap called home,

You can’t go anywhere, I set your roof on fire,

I created a tomb for the living,

All I see is death, on your fingertips,

In my mouth, sucking, regurgitated, shredded by you,

And I sit on a wall,

My legs dangling, hot air, a sandwich collapsed,

I tore it apart, I never found a heart,






Demonio, mundo y carne” by Juan Manuel Blanes (1830-1901)

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