Poetic Mental Healing | Drained / Exit Wound | A Poem

I write you down

Before I don’t remember you anymore.

Write you out

Of my skin

And I know that I can’t

Set myself on fire, expulse you

To what degree?

Did I have a chance,

To step out of your footsteps?

Listening to your voice, swallowing my own.

I look at you and I can barely hear you at this point.

You’re disappearing. From my flesh. The inner life.

Or maybe I’m becoming blind inside, oblivious.

You’ve dissolved without telling me who you really were.

You haunted my childhood.

Your absence, my open mouth, your screams,

Inside out, beating, skin, what did you want from me?

Your life back, life itself, everything before and after,

I was born and you let go, step by step, the more I breathed

The more you ran away from me.

You requested my presence

My holding on

To you

To drain me

Exhaust me,

Tell me all the things I do wrong

All the things that you never taught me at all

Nothing’s right.

You cling like a child, leaning on me and I just learned how to walk

And you robbed me of my language before I could speak.

Photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti on Pexels.com

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