Poetic Mental Healing | All The Words You Left Behind

I write because you never heard a word I said,

Because I never found my words

In front of your face

That gargantuan blasting hole

The exasperated jaw

The shrieking symphony of violence

Bathing blood under my skin

Tearing me apart

Inside out, outside in

Your voice losing its strings

The body unleashing its force

Onto me

The body of a child

Tongues in my ear

Breath on my cheeks

Saliva on my face

Hands on me

Hands on me

In darkness

In my dreams

It was all just a dream

You have an imagination that is too vivid

For your own good

I escaped

I wanted to

Be safe

From you

Your reality

That you shoved my face in

My language in

My whole body in

Oven fires


Touched, touched, touched amidst the flames

Cradling ashes, cradling flesh

You master of magic and resurrection

I tried to escape

Regain my strength

And you pulled and whispered

What have I done

I invented words for my protection

For your protection

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What is your voice doing in my head?

What is your scent doing on my skin?

What is your language doing in my mouth?

Your thoughts in my flesh?

Dancing to your tune

Tripping over, falling over, losing balance,

And you will look at me

Freedom is something you took

You needed company to suck on

You needed company in your darkness

And you’d never want to get better,

Rise out of your misery,

You’d want me there

A child living on survival mechanisms.

Photo by Elina Krima on Pexels.com

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