Don’t Discard The Unerasable: A Poem

It sinks into our flesh, slowly,

With a shock, with love, with an exhausted

Wish for intimacy and platonic protection,

Your death sinks into our bodies and I will

Give it another name because you persist,

Your name, you, in your entirety, invisible,

Persist and exist within us all, in my skin,

The textures within me, the love that warms us,

The language that unites us, the memories, unerasable.

I walked through woods, walked through water,

Travelled through mud and rain, stood beneath the umbrella

Of heavyweight sunshine, smelled the salt-bathed air and made my way

Up mountains, and I heard your voice along the path,

I hear it everywhere, how could you be closer to me now,

I started to wonder, you’re fully alive within me now,

From without to within, taking on the greatest of shapes, perhaps,

You’re in my fingertips when I write,

Your voice is an invaluable note

In my orchestral body, mind and heart.

Photo by Diana Jefimova on

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