The Presence Of Love: A Poem

Loss, the tense and pressure-filled energy thereof,

Needs release, loss lives within the body,

Since birth, maybe even earlier, it has always existed

Alongside creation, it will persist, in a dancing

Embrace with love, but it needs to move, it

Needs to speak, maybe burst, set itself afire

And rest again to recover in a rejuvenated way

That finds life once more, healing forevermore,

Growth comes with nurture, beauty is a city

You erect yourself, with your heart, with your mind,

I shed light on the wound, I dance for the wound,

I cleanse it with each of my fingertips and say

Your name until the sunshine consoles the pain.

I integrate you every single day.

I see the tree moving in the reflection of the glass

That holds your face, you within a frame,

And the leaves waltz and caress you,

The sun warms you up and reflects your light

Back to me, you haven’t grown older

For two months now, through me you

Will do it, through us, because we carry you

Wherever we go, you are everywhere within my body

When I hold myself, I hold you too.

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