The Lessons I Teach Myself: Injections Into The World: A Poem

I could drown, drown, drown

In the image of your fall

That doesn’t let go, that hammers

Its bites and teeth and nails

Straight through my bones

Right into the muscle mass of my heart

But I won’t bite, I won’t swallow

Not as long as it contains a poison

That I cannot digest, don’t know how to.

The reduction of a human body

A body I watched grow up

A body I loved

A body that made me laugh

Don’t tell me I say too much, talk too much,

What would you be feeling?

Don’t tell me years go by,

Every single day I deal

With his fall

With a broken body

With love thrown over the edge

Love thrown out every single day

In this world

Love dissected, gutted,

Time is ticking and you couldn’t care less

I saw him fall a thousand fucking times

And it still feels like fucking hellfire

I exorcise myself every single day

And you will be silent

You will let me rage

You will not infect me with your saltless loveless sentences

Bored, so bored and detached.

-With my entire force I would have kept your body

With your feet on the ground, that’s what I feel like today

And I would have succeeded

Or I would have failed

That’s the point, that’s the question, the riddle and the answer-.

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