Autumnal Introspections: A Poem

I heard you scream and revolt

Right underneath my skin

Where your voice faltered

Crashing against my edges and roundabouts

You’d listen to my internal promises

And the following self-disappointment,

The deceit that had no definition yet,

Trying to make the body crumble into action,

Into understanding, into feeling you.

You asked me questions through my throat,

You barely made it onto my tongue

You were too brave, too straightforward,

Knew what you wanted, always, but

I faced the outside world and let it outweigh you,

Outpour you, flood you, smashed against my organs

That agreed with you and tried to echo your voice

Upwards, inside out, it was always time to listen,

You fought so hard within my body for love,

And when I hit rock bottom inwardly

You sighed and held me tightly and

We rustled warmly, autumnal leaves,

And shone in unison and serenity.

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on

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