As Far As The Heart Can Feel: A Poem

Who am I without you?

Am I without you?

Lost you, what part of me,

Exactly? Without you?

Where did you go and

Where am I, now?

Where have we both been

And are these places still there?

Listening to the echoes of us?

Retracing our steps, dead and alive,

One or the other, both entwined,

I shed one skin of mine with your death.

We stand aligned, come what may,

Nothing disconnects the inseparable.

I am without you

I am with you

Am I for the both of us?

Are we both alive within my body?

Are you talking in my voice now?

I don’t need to see if I can feel


I don’t need to wait

You already appeared

Never left, in fact

It has always been more important to feel you

Believe it or not

That’s life right there

The essence of you


By human hand

And I feel you

And it allows me to see and hear you

Your touch vibrates in my own hand

And I hold you close to my heart.



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