From A Different Angle: A Poem

I think of you in disembodied ways

What you are now and what you always have been

We focused too much on the outside

Yes, it belonged to you too

But who you are I breathe in now

Stands behind me and whispers

The softest hues of love and I listen

Because I want to find you,

You, refined, outside of my arms

Light onto my skin.

I held your urn in my arms

My face as close as it could be

You were there

Amidst our circle

Your lightheartedness strengthened my spine

To walk the steps

That we needed to take


I dreamed of your pain, I woke up with mine,

And you pulled me into a different direction

You wanted me to follow

To understand in order to maintain the immortality

Between us

You said that our lives should not orientate themselves

According to your death

That, you, as you are now,

Will orientate yourself according to our lives

You transcended my mind into a place

Where I can feel no agony

Where all I can sense is hope and regeneration

With you in my bones, in my heart,

Above all else, the light that you are,

That I can sense, the love that reigns

Over everything, conquers everything,

You taught me to feel beyond

And not bury my head underground.

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