A Love That Never Ends: A Poem

You’re alive in a place that I cannot see,

Maybe right next to me, invisible,

I sense your smile, your serenity,

And I try not to fall back into the pain,

I’m trying to acknowledge what you’re telling

Me, that you never left, that you’re safe,

That you’re with me every step of the way,

You have faith in me as much as I have in you.

I imagine that you were flying.

I imagine that you were free at once.

Free of pain, suffering, forces that overwhelmed you.

A cloud that caught your soul before it could hit the ground.

You were already in a better place as soon as your

Body hit the air, was there even something that I

Could have said had I known?

Would I have taken ahold of your feet,

To keep you here, with me, glued

To the agony that pained you, out

Of sisterly greed, ignoring that your body

Belonged to you only? You had to think about

Yourself only and who could blame you?

Otherwise you wouldn’t have jumped.

You cared for others your whole life,

You gave and gave, you were free,

That’s who you were and I embrace you


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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