Externalised Colours: A Poem

Out of the blue I was worried that you’d be cold.

Then you asked for candles to be lit.

And I thought you were in a dark place, you needed light.

I confused the elements, the sensations.

She revealed to me that you were cold.

There’s a fire and it needs to be nurtured,

Water needs to run, love needs to flow warmly,

The wind rustling in gentle support, you are still surrounded

With tenderness, dedication, light and love.

You always will be despite routines kicking in.


I let the love glide through me, within me,

Radiant and free, towards you, back and forth,

I hear you, I sense you, stay with me in daylight,

I know someone is taking care of you,

You’re moving around, finding peace,

We all think of you and overcome different

Emotions, I sing to you, I imagine your voice,

My skin feels your presence, I shiver,

I cried yesterday, I have these moments still,

I try to accept the burn as a sign of love, not of agony.

Sometimes they walk hand in hand

Until love itself heals the wound it carried around.

woman holding white flower bouquet
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com



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