Sich Entfernen / To Detach Oneself: A Poem

I’m wearing your socks, your jumper,

Your trousers, your ring, the bag you

Left behind so carefully on the bridge,

And I feel as if I’m approaching a rabbit

Hole, heart first, and something starts to

Tell me that I have to shed you in order to

Come out whole again, all I wanted was to

Be close to you, feel you on my skin, but you

Let go and I have to let go, and we’ll coexist

In different spheres and we know our names.


I was heartbroken and frightened, ready to

Fight, ready to disintegrate, the cards have been

Reshuffled, I walked into a thousand questions

And thought of a thousand answers and possibilities,

But your voice seems to be missing, my stomach

Senses the truth, I wish I could have held you,

Looked into your blue eyes, I know that you heard

Me, but you let go of your body already, that’s all I had,

Everything and nothing, the horror, the love, life in my own hands.

photography of a woman holding green leaves
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

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