The Absonant Puzzle: A Poem

Pieces fit the puzzle or they don’t,

Maybe they belong to another one,

Or don’t belong at all, or we force them

To, into the puzzle, of our choice, we twist

And shove and deform and antagonise,

Minimise, magnify, try to exorcise, solidify.


Against the wind, I think of water.

Howling against my back where my

Pain and fear and fightlessness have been

Jammed in, I withstand and hear the voices,

Try to listen to one at a time, crunching my fists,

The bones within, freezing, the agony, in my fingertips,

Holding on to your song, and I crown myself with your

Sounds, your softness, I bathe in it, and get close to decay,

It’s not the right way in the long run, I need to let go,

I have to detense and trust that you’re there even

If I loosen up, it cannot happen against my will,

Sister, let go, sister, let go, you need to heal, you need to sleep.

close up photography of human face
Photo by Gabriela Mendes on

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