In Memoriam: Never For Nothing: A Poem

Sometimes my broken heart, in its despair

And sense of having been abandoned, left

Behind, tells me that everything, all of it,

Happened in vain, was for nothing, all the

Celebrated birthdays, the graduations, the

Fights and reconciliations, the silence and the

Reconnection, the anger and the affection, everything

We managed to overcome.


I have to feel that too, walk through it.

But every single moment spent with you was a gift.

A gift that persists that keeps teaching me things.

Keeps giving, keeps me connected to you, who we both were.

These are pieces of the past that need to be kept afire.

Even though I will grow older and older and you’ll remain the same.

Or will I take you with me in time? Count your birthdays?

Adding candle after candle? Will you grow old with me still?


I never thought this could or would happen,

Not to us, not like this.

I walked in so many different alleys and explanations,

But nothing sat right, nothing could, maybe twitches here and there

And yet, this was not contemplated, not planned, but

It was executed, one moment, I wish I could have looked into your eyes

And be the weight between you and the vastest amount of air.

bird s eye view of rocky mountain during daytime
Photo by Rok Romih on

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