In Memoriam: Seven Words: A Poem

For days something felt off.

A dream told me all about it.

A dream I couldn’t decipher.

In time. In connection with you.



I realised it after death happened to you.

My body knew before my mind did.

The numb punch in the stomach.

A fist greater than the human hand.

The voice, already broken, delivering

Me pieces, of you, you, in pieces, to me,

Ringing in my ear, that loss, unimaginable,

The images coming together, popping across

My heart, an unwanted firework that keeps

Expanding, keeps burning, up, eating my heart

As it tries to build itself back up, and back

Towards the shattered ground.


My mother’s voice, seven words,

A moment in time, your steps,

Your fall, right into my stomach,

A pit, we collide, we love and bleed,

I lost you and I couldn’t breathe,

On my knees, my mouth screaming

Towards the ground, the carpet below,

My brother is gone, my brother is gone.

lit red and white candle lot on person s back
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