In Memoriam: A World Without You: A Poem

The meaning of the words sank in.

Like poison. Pressured into my throat.

The loss of your life, something within my

Own body, trying to hold on to it,

As it tries to escape, to disintegrate, fire too close

To it, hurt and a fugitive, my skin, I say you live.


The meaning dragged me towards the floor.

All I could feel was you.

All I could sense was you.

Nothing makes any sense.

What a waste and why and for what.

My knees, tightening the shadow to the ground,

I cannot live here, I heard that you died here,

My body cannot hold in what it had to hear,

My ears, no, straight into the heart’s atmosphere,

Volatile, incarcerated, my mouth won’t close,

My mouth, ejecting, echoes of you, echoes of us,

Love and destruction.


I stepped into the world and I knew

It had failed you, I knew it should have

Saved you, seen you, protected you.

What a loss. You put a smile on her face.

Every single day. You gave life. You loved

Without words. You left without words.


A dance of fire between my throat and

My heart. There’s too much heat.

Love set afire. I had no language.

I burst. I walked up a hill and went

Higher and higher and I saw you,

Above a city, amidst the morning breeze,

Taking a step too far, as fast as you could,

And I lost myself in a horizon that swallowed

You whole.

person holding lighted candle in dark room
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