Using A Little Girl As A Pawn To Win A Game That Is None: A Poem

The first thing that she learned

From you is powerlessness, a lie.

You invaded her body with messages

Making her responsible, to become the

Glue that would keep her next to you.


Nothing else mattered. You held her and

She began to dream of love. She trusted your

Body against hers. Trusted you to know what

Love is, that you felt it too, that you’d have her back.

I had already been older. I had already seen you bare your teeth.


You pretended. You made her believe in an idyll.

You used her to project it. All you wanted is to

Keep your prison going. Planted her there as the

Only factor to consider, a vessel, an object, you can’t

Leave, you can’t leave me now, can you? You’d be the monster,

You’d be heartless, and you played the victim with an incomparable



She was a little child. She couldn’t repair what you destroyed.

She should never have become your pawn. That was never on her.

She was doomed from the very beginning. You wanting her to fix

Things with her presence, never yourself, do you have any idea

What you have done? Of course she would fail. She’d never understand

What was wrong with her. You. You were wrong. Burdening her with

The impossible. Blaming her. Abandoning her when she became useless

To you, when she started to grow and revolt and reveal the same face as yours.

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