Mundtot / A Mouth Deprived of Sound: A Poem

The wedding would justify all the

Actions against her and her body,

Everything that ensued, she would

Be given one day of hope and illusions,

Then he’d take over, her, take her over,

To the reality of what he had in mind

All along.


He disembodied her, slowly, she forgot

The sound of her own voice.

In his presence. Gradually, everywhere.

What would become of the female body?


To disembowel the language that is hers

Sets his invasion in motion.

Hollow out her mouth,

The steps underneath her tongue, the knot,

The use of her teeth, the edges, sharp, muscles

To force everything down, the gulp, swallowed,

Disappeared, undigested, holding on,

The thinned acidic cords, vocals, a minefield,

A trap, one false sound, penetration, projection,

Not as bad as it doesn’t sound, like nothing,

Containing everything, contaminated, spread

By force, by imagination, misused, destructive,

The fires of his mind and ashes landing on her skin,

The tissue that is her, skinned, burned, bathed in

The taste of his spit, his mouth wide open,

Her lips tightly shut around his, inside, wax,

Sealed, hot, stamp, his territory, a letter unsent,

The emblem of his love, captured, collected, a body

On a wall, a cross, upside down, fixed, deterred, unearthed,

Blood on his hands, her knees blue, the heart pumping

Blue, the room, an urn, the phantasmagorical, hands

Amputated in the middle of a prayer unspoken.

woman sitting and touching head statue
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