“The Chateaubriand of Literature”: A Review

 I began reading this book quite late at night, with a view to reading only a few pages. However, it was not long before I was drawn in and found myself unable to put the book down. Laura’s style of writing is inspired and so beautifully crafted. As many people have mentioned in reviews, this book is more a work of art than a mere story. It has elements typical of the Romantic-Realist movement of the later Nineteenth Century. Whilst many books I read these days are equivalent to fast food, this novel is the Chateaubriand of literature. It is opulent and daring; testing our own ethics and beliefs and never shying away from augmenting our own understanding of the human condition through such themes as sexuality, deprivation, sickness, memory, identity and death. Read Elisabeth’s full review on her wonderful website: WRITE ON EJALEIGH! WRITING READING TEACHING LEARNING

“He witnessed the destruction of everything he had ever created. These are the crippled pieces, the faces that he was stuck with; a puppet show that he could not get out of, all the strings tangled, the dead attached to the living.”
― Laura Gentile, Within Paravent Walls

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