Hungry For Women: A Poem

You abandoned me on a sidewalk

Saying, put yourself in my skin.

You wanted me to feel the world like you did.

You wanted to spoil it for me too.

You could have saved yourself

And maybe you did, but by drowning others.


I knew the back of your head inside out.

Your naked body, its hidden desires,

How it spiralled out of control, a lust

That disgusted, a lust that smelled bad,

An appetite for tarnished skin, closed lips,

You open lips, you force them open,

You stick your tongue in, down the throat,

As deep as you can, you want to make women gag.


You felt superior, as if you had an impact on them

And their bodies, using them, wanting to

Dominate them, dry them out, exchange them.


You and your friends shared women, from one to the other,

Walking around in public, impregnating and cheating left

And right, as if you were purchasing meat, as if you were

The butchers yourselves, open-mouthed seated at the table,

Asses on the plate, tits across the board, fuck, fuck, fuck,

And you came home and put rotten kisses on my cheek

That always felt like lines crossed.

womans face in grayscale
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      1. I really appreciate your feedback. I have been reading a book about Plath’s & Hughes’ relationship and his “Birthday Letters”. It has been too long since I read her work. I really should go back into it and properly this time. What I read was truly powerful & moving.

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