A Voice Trapped In Memory: A Poem

Your actions became words in my mind.

Idealised then demonised, we never reached the same page.

You would never take my questions seriously.

You were this embodiment of suffering, violence and self-pity,

And every time I ‘d try to discover who you were within,

You’d do a dance of distracting veils, pretending to be perfect,

A piece of art, the master of artifice.


Now I look into your eyes and I try to remain

True to myself.

Because you’d make people sink.

Sink into you and never out.

You let me be a part of your heartache,

But never told me the reasons behind it,

Invading my body and claiming every emotional range,

Empathy and compassion, you drunk.


You could never get enough.

Emptying us, and still, lack kept haunting us.

You never tried to be better, pay more attention,

Find out what goes on in our lives.

See you from our perspective.

You just think that everything has always been so very fine.

I don’t understand how you could live in such denial.

You don’t know yourself at all.


I observed you, evicting you out of my mind,

And because of the damage you are able to do,

Out of my heart, and I became to determined to

Leave no part of myself unturned, to look

At the ugliness as much as the beauty and hold

Everything, endure them all, know them by heart,


side view photo of woman
Photo by Yasin Gu00fcndogdu on Pexels.com




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