The Trigger Word “Feminism”

You see the tag “feminism” and without knowing a thing or two,

You just have to comment and get your bile out there.

You just saw that word and you’re so angry.

No, you will neither read nor understand or try to empathise,

You don’t have the time to listen and not misinterpret.


Whatever I say, your opinion is already formed,

You projected your rotten labels all over me, job’s done, cowboy.

I’m not here to educate you. I don’t have time to wonder

Why an asshole is an asshole.

Why you drop your deuces on my page.


You think you can just pop open a page of my life,

Not read a single thing and leave your godforsaken post-its everywhere:

“Female supremacist” (seriously?) or “fuck women” (where to start?) and

Oldie but Goldie “man-hating feminist” (give me a break for crying out loud).


Everything you associate with (trigger trigger trigger warning) feminism

Has absolutely nothing to do with me and what I say.


Why don’t you just buy a stress-ball or God forbid get an education.

You really showed me who’s boss, right?

Could you please hit the keyboard a little bit harder?

That’s it, show me, please, I beg you, how idiotic you are.


No, come on, don’t stop now, you really were in top shape there,

There must be something else you could say?


I know, you don’t know me, but you assumed that you did.

You made it so personal, go on then.


Wait, wait, let me readjust my bullseye. There, is it better now?

Wouldn’t want you to miss the target, come on, show us women the way.


Wouldn’t want you to look silly in front of all these people.

Yes, exactly, you got me, I want all men to burn, oh, yes and whilst we’re at it,

Yes, all the women who disagree with me too, why not,

(What else do you want me to say to fit your image of me?)

Ah, yes, sorry, and yes, fuck all women after all, right? Man, what more do they want?


Always moaning and whining, posting shit, writing poetry, all angry and aggressive.

Come to think of it, wow, aren’t I blessed that a man like you commented

And set the record straight?

Taught me a good lesson. I feel so very enlightened.

It just takes a tag to get your attention

(I mean that’s all I really want, right? What else could there possibly be? Except your precious attention?)

Why even write poetry at all?

Yes, okay, you are so right, anonymous man with motorcycle thumbnail,

All I will do next time is post a single hashtag without content

(No need to waste everybody’s time, right?)

And you know what? I’ll even dedicate it to you. Look out for:


woman taking selfie
Photo by Edu Carvalho on



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