Il fosso della intimità teatrale e degenerativa

You embodied the masks of your forefathers in the trench between us.

I stretched my arms into what I thought was a grave, dissipating memories,

Too many to reassemble and carry onward. You speak in unfamiliar tones

And voices, the movement of your eyebrows and lips feels foreign, and I mourn.


She buried herself in a room and spread herself on the carpet, the grass, in her head.

His body, the scent thereof, metamorphosed into grief-stricken caricatures.

She erected a chapel in her heart, wailing from the balcony, her mother by her side.

They both became children again, for an instant, the crowns of trees catching their



I’m falling out of love with artificiality, the wrinkles that worked so hard, your lying

Skin, the wooden horses, the rings on the chest of drawers, my legs jumping and

Escaping. What I mastered the most was abandoning worthless fortresses. My fears,

A stampede alongside me, seeking wells, their voices evoked, the thunderstorm.


Your arms composed a cellar, your breaths, bars over bars, a basket, unholy,

My skin, impregnated, desire shot onto the wrong places, you built my memories

And my gestures are keeping them alive, I lost your language, alienated, in every

Country, a fanfare orphan, your head beneath the pillow, the nutrition murderous,

The negligence, I don’t want to make you proud, I take what you planted within me

And set it free in a way that you never could, you murdered and slaughtered, I chant

And set things on fire, out of love, an ode to life, I embody new ceramics, forward.


You will never forget my name, I understand what it means now.

You stared into my eyes on the edge of a cliff and told me to dance.

When you narrated invented parts of your life, twisted and moulded,

I imagined empty cities, loud and shrill, devastated and corrupt.

I would never live around you. When I fell asleep in your embrace

I was terrified to wake up in a mausoleum, you and I fragrant, silent,

Horizontal statues without crowns, plagued by the invisible chains of

A performed smile.

black and white photo of woman inside a bathtub staring at a head bust
Photo by Daria Sannikova on


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