The Hallway of Helplessness

I could hold her through everything.

As a child I had been familiarised with

The worst feelings. I never shied away.

When she caught a glimpse of that unique

Tear-splattered world. When it slapped her, too,

Once in a while. She would enter my dead end fairy tale.


I felt so lonely, I wanted to keep her there, next to me.

Everything had a sense of the extreme, the fed and the matured.

I couldn’t understand how she was able to not be swallowed by it all.

What was the difference, then, between us both?

Why couldn’t I make a step forward without falling on my back?

Without being held back? I understood that I was born in it.

And she wasn’t. And she had immediate hands helping her out

From above the shadows, the mud, the land of deep despair.

And I had been bathed in it since the beginning of me.

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