The Annihilation of a Lover

He abandoned her like a gutted fish, left her lying there.

In the stench of his affections, his degrading exaltation.

It was like he had killed an animal, desecrated its life, merely

For one part, the best one in his eyes and threw the rest away,

Life itself, a body, an entity, neglected and dishonoured.

And she rose from the cold ashes on her linens and still felt like a corpse.


She was convinced he’d left parts of him within her.

And that they’d eat her up slowly.

Everybody thought she was mad when she made perfect sense.

Nobody believed her tongue that was glued to his demanding body.

She felt him irritate her, murder her, from her insides, without proof.

He had exhaled into her, initiated an internal requiem that would start silently

And implode and work its way up her throat, never to be released.

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