Sleepwalking Through Victimisation

Violent people are excellent multitaskers.

Every single brutal act means something different.

One never quite like the other.

You have to get to know them all individually.

The hand that beats and the teeth that bite and the mouth that spits

And the words that kill are unfathomable, every single time.

The source of their creation is a bottomless pit.


If you see that they express themselves excessively, don’t

Linger, they’ll entangle you. You have to get out, face them if you can.

Cruel people evoke entire orchestras,

Once you let them define the beat of your heart, you’re lost.

Every time you’ll hear their names, take a look at your memories of them

Or hear them approach, you’ll  fall into yourself and wait until their damage

Is done, until you are done, but you get up, don’t you?

And they’ll always come back for more, they love repetition, rely on it.

And you learn, in the worst way, that you need to stand tall when they

Come to get you and think that you’ll be on all fours, surprise them.

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