I drowned her in sunshine when she wanted to fade away.

The super-imposed image.

She couldn’t find the truth.

I grabbed her arms when she tried to lie down.


I was convinced she was good for me.

None of us were samaritans.

Our fathers the same prophets of female demise.

Cornering us into a warzone, forcing us to fight and cry.


None of us knew who we were.

We let each other go within a parade of heartache.

Our hands did not unravel easily.

Our mutual understanding lost, you kill the dynasty.


Jealousy uncured by love leads you into the devil’s house.

She stands tall and I collapse.

Her voice: a megaphone.

I gather amongst the shells.


The bullies brought us together.

The laughter and tears.

Her salt and my fears.

Never realising that the noose was so near.


“A Summer Shower” by Charles Edward Perugini (1839-1918)

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