Mitmensch | a poem about grief

I watched you die online

watched your death on screen

holding my phone up to my face

charging and recharging it

so easily, but not you

this will be the end of my father

and I can’t believe that they charge the dead

for time spent in the morgue

that you lie there

as I write this

lie there with my brother’s letter

on your chest, unread

lie there in the company of the dead

we returned to your room at the hospice

the images you used to communicate with

and your glasses made from recycled plastic from the ocean

red, I need to remember these things

blue was the colour of the jumper you wore

during the day and overnight

and now in the cold

it bothers me that your body is so alone

so without a soul

I saw a picture of you today

and it hurts to compare the sight of your body

to the man on the polaroid

my father existed somewhere in-between

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2023 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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