verdorben | poetry

you looked at me

and washed your hands

I resembled you too much

wishing you could take it back

not her face

and a punch turned into words

my bed collapsed

all I could think of was your face

I’ve drawn outside the lines

and a voice that is not mine tells me to die

you held the phone to let me know

I held the phone to call the police

I thought I had a saviour though

who said that touch could never eviscerate a soul

the way you pushed the pedal

made me kill you in my head

I thought I jumped out of your car

and you continued to die

there was not enough on the table

and we played with knives

I left the side door open

who knows whether I might return

they put my brother into the ground

and all I see is your mouth without a sound

she unleashed him onto her

a mirror makes things disappear

your face pretends to smile

something’s wrong and I can’t say why

ripper of apertures

I must oblige

I turned myself into

what made your mouth water

I was convinced that I had rebelled

but everything I touched I couldn’t feel

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2023 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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