ergriffen | a transgenerational poem

Sister, I wonder why I hurt you so much

why I thought that you hurt me in the first place

who tore into us first and foremost


discovered our secrets

lulled us into love conditioned

I envied you on his face, hers, theirs

heard my name swallowed in guilt acidic



and I felt that I could take you on


you I could defeat

and everything would remain hidden

two fighting sisters

reasons unknown


n o r m a l i t y


she is too angry


what is going on in this house


I thought you knew [did I?]

I thought you were aware [was I?]

the things my body didn’t comprehend

and I startle and jump back

when I see the consequences of their violence

of my violence on your face

and as I am breaking what’s fragile

fragile like me

(someone had covered me in thick skin

rotten skin

for a short period of time)

I feel blood outside of my hands

blood that only I can see

guilty as I scream

ashamed as I see your fear

your resignation

as if you were okay to die

under my weight

in my ambivalent arms


we are both children still


what’s the origin


who put this monster inside of me

why doesn’t it have a name

why can nobody know why it’s there

why has it become me

why is he coming back to haunt me

why is my name dragged through the dirt


she puts herself in front of you

because you look like her

when she was a girl

and nobody protected her

and nobody protected me

because I look like him

and act like him when I lose my skin

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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