Abglanz | a poem

maudlin wrinkles on his pillow

sinking yellow around her silhouette

his affecting knuckles and nails

he starves in his hibernated bed

remembering everything in a way it never happened

sheets are white and ironbound

because of someone’s labour unabandoned

moulds her body into non-existence

the slow death of his irascible sex

suffocating on his power-drunk deathbed

I have been a young boy once

where did all my older lovers go

cloud-shaped women grey-skinned cantankerous

waiting past their time of death

for a man who sees the door

glued with his back to the hospice mattress

life won’t let him move

all he has is the blanket of his past

and he doesn’t comprehend why he is still cold

he revealed himself to her

when he raged his wars inside of her

leaving behind neglected ghosts

inside a body echoing carnage church

sewer child pierced by starlight polluted

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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